Connor Maguire - The Mastermind

Don't let Connor's all-American good looks and charm fool you. This smooth talking evil genius is a king at manipulation, especially when it comes to convincing his best buddy and partner-in-crime Tommy Defendi to partake in his nefarious schemes. He's good but when he's matching wits with a castle full of the Countess's favorite young "nephews" will he think with the wrong head?

Tommy Defendi - The Hustler

Connor found Tommy turning tricks in the local bar where his seductive brown eyes and giant cock are legend. Looking for adventure, Tommy agrees to join Connor on his trip to Europe, knowing that he has the God-given gifts necessary to fund the trip. Little does he know that sometimes the tricks are even trickier than he is.

Dato Foland - The Butler

Good help is hard to find but the Countess Fellini hit the jackpot with Dato. Loyal, hard working, and drop-dead gorgeous, this butler always rises to the ocassion. On a trip to pick up the Countess's beloved FiFi Dato encounters Connor and Tommy. He offers them a ride and what a ride it is! After being impaled by Tommy's huge cock will he make it back to the castle in one piece?

Darius Ferdynand - The Headmaster

Cool-headed, in charge, and stunningly handsome, Headmaster Darius has devoted many years of "service" to the Countess. Between fulfilling her every wish and managing her growing bevy of "nephews," Darius feels completely entitled to his share of the Countess's vast fortune. As fate would have it Darius finds himself surrounded by foes who plot against him... will he get what he wants or get what he deserves?

BelAmi's Gino Mosca - The Gentleman

The Countess's favorite "nephew," Gino disarms his prey with a smile. No man can resist his dashing good looks, twinkling eyes, and chiseled physique, but it's his perfect cock that brings them to their knees. When Gino convinces Darius to partake in an afternoon fuck session the tables are turned - could this sweet looking young stud actually be the dirties rascal of them all?

BelAmi's Rick Lautner - Trickster

We all know that guy, the sexy young stud who exudes confidence and keeps everyone laughing with his silly antics. He's just so likable - and harmless, right? Don't be so sure. While Rick distracts you with his wit (and the giant bulge in his pants) he's the one boosting your wallet and maybe even running off with the family jewels... or is the trick on him?

BelAmi's Phillipe Gaudin - The Tease

The youngest of the Countess's "nephews," Phillipe isn't really interested in anything - except big fat American cock. When he sees Connor he knows he wants it bad. The clever young stud sets his trap, a big warm bubble bath, and Connor falls in head first. Will they come out squeaky clean or will they get down and dirty? Let's just say that Connor leaves Phillipe singing "God Bless America!"

BelAmi's Marcel Gassion - The Innocent

The bigger they come the harder they fall - and Marcel is no exception. He may be one of the Countess's biggest "nephews" but he's also the most innocent. This towering hunk has no idea what he's gotten himself into when he finds himself on the bottom of a pile of naked men - will he come out with his innocence in tact?

BelAmi's Brian Jovovich - The Jock

Of all the Countess's "nephews" none plays harder than Brian. This jock stays in shape by pumping iron and pounding hot ass. Many men have worshiped Brian's muscle from afar so you can imagine their excitement when an orgy breaks out and Brian rises to the occasion.

BelAmi's Tim Campbell - The Horndog

When the Countess wanted to get her "nephews" going she always relied on Tim to get the party started. A world-class cock sucker, this horny young stud has a lust for life - and a lust for the giant uncut cocks of his Fellini family. It's no surprise when an orgy breaks out Tim is at the center, ready for action.

Countess Fellini - The Matriarch

One of the most infamous characters in the Czech countryside, this self-proclaimed Czech Countess lived life to the fullest! Blessed with a family fortune and a penchant for gorgeous young men the Countess carefully hand-selected her family of "nephews" from the most handsome, hung and horny young men in the Czech Republic. Many ask if the Countess would be shocked to know that an orgy broke out at her wake but those who knew her would answer that she wouldn't have had it any other way.

Fifi - The Cat

This pampered fur ball had not a care in the world! Not only was she Fellini's constant companion and most beloved possession, she was a fabulous living fashion accessory to the remarkable Countess, on her arm at every occasion. Now, with the passing of her nine lives, Fifi remains by the Countess's side for her eternal ten.