Filled with a lust for sex and adventure best buddies Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi flee their boring hometown in rural Ohio and set off for the summer to explore Europe. With just the clothes on their back and practically no money they find themselves in Prague where they realize they're going to have to survive on their good looks, charm, and when necessary, their huge cocks, to survive. A stolen wallet, a dead Countess, a stuffed cat, family jewels, and a castle staffed with stunning European men including BelAmi superstars Gino Mosca, and Phillipe Gaudin with Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland and more all leave Connor and Tommy wondering: "Just who really are the Dirty Rascals?"


Tommy Defendi & Dato Foland

Tommy Defendi botches an attempt to steal a trick's wallet, leaving he and his buddy Connor Maguire flat broke. The Dirty Rascals meet at a cafe where Connor reads news of the demise of the Countess Fellini, an infamous character of great wealth with no living heirs. Intending to abscond with a portion of the Countess's fortune Connor and Tommy decide to pose as long lost relatives from America and hitchhike to Fellini's countryside castle. As luck would have it, Fellini's butler, smoldering hunk Dato Foland pulls over and offers them a ride. While Connor sleeps in the back seat Dato invites Tommy to join him for a fuck in a nearby garden. Unable to resist the butler's penetrating green eyes and huge uncut cock, Tommy agrees. Little does Dato know that Tommy is packing some serious meat of his own. A summer rain shower forces the two horny studs into a silo where Tommy makes sure the butler is highly rewarded for his services.


Connor Maguire & BelAmi's Phillipe Gaudin

Dato delivers our Dirty Rascals to the Chateau Fellini where they find a room full of the Countess's "nephews," some of the most beautiful young men from around the Czech Republic. Headmaster Darius Ferdynand and his cohorts welcome the boys and show them to their room. While casing the castle looking for valuables, Connor stumbles upon Phillipe Gaudin enjoying a bubble bath. Phillipe rises from the tub to take Connor's rock-hard cock in his mouth but after a few seconds Connor pulls up his pants and gets back to his thievery. Surprised by Connor's reaction and hungry for more American beef, the sexy young trouble-maker has something else in mind. He follows Connor into the next room and offers him his giant cock and tight ass, two valuables that Connor is in no mood to pass up. .

ROPE BURNS (Scene 3)

Darius Ferynand & BelAmi's Gino Mosca

With 20 minutes until the reading of the Countess's will it becomes clear that most of the "nephews" are interested in stealing the family jewels. Headmaster Darius Ferdynand feels justified in his claim to the fortune after his years of dedicated service but one of Fellini's favorite nephews, the charming and devilishly handsome Gino Mosca, has another plan. He seduces The stunningly beautiful, ripped Headmaster who surrenders completely to Gino's blue eyes, disarming smile, and juicy cock. Before Darius realizes it Gino has convinced him to try something new involving rope. Is it really a kinky new fetish or all part of his devilish plan?


Connor Maguire and BelAmi stars Rick Lautner, Marcel Gassion, Brian Jovovich & Tim Campbell

A mad dash with the Countess's jewels leads the entire group of scantily clad house guests out to the castle lawn where they end up in a pile of flesh sucking and fucking on a bright white bed. Connor dominates the dream-like orgy, taking full advantage of the muscular European hunks and their enormous uncut cocks. Once the dirty rascal gets his fill he quietly gathers his things, but will he think to grab the jewels? Find out when you watch Dirty Rascals, the new sweeping epic from NakedSword Originals in association with BelAmi, available November 3 exclusively on!

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mr. Pam Gaypornmama

Multi-award winning director/cinematographer mr. Pam began her illustrious career in 1996 as a part-time editor for Falcon Studios. She went on to shoot and edit movies for several of the top adult studios including Black Scorpion, Colt Studio Group, Hot House, Jet Set, Studio 2000 and Lucas Entertainment. Today mr. Pam is the Director of Film Production for NakedSword Originals where she remains one of the most widely recognized and highly regarded professionals in the industry.

cast & crew


Directed by: mr. Pam
Executive Producer: Tim Valenti
Screenplay By: Jack Shamama
Effects & Story Editing: Jessie Garcia
Videography: mr. Pam
Story By: Tim Valenti
Production Manager: Silvio Silva
Photography: mr. Pam
Best Boy & BTS Cameraman: Leo Forte
Production Assistants: Rick Lautner, Phillipe Gaudin
Make-up: Leo Forte
Transportation: Phillipe Gaudin, Marcel Gassion, Lukas Ridgeston

post production

Post-Production Supervisor: mr. Pam
Sex Editing: Element Eclipse
Behind The Scenes: Leo Forte
Art Director: Roma
Graphic Design: Roma & mr. Pam
Website Development: Shawn Palmer
Music: Keith Kurtis
PR & Marketing: Davyd Dixon

Special Thanks to

George Duroy, Luca & Stuart
The Wonderful Cast & Crew Of BelAmi

Thank you to on-set documentarians

Lukas Ridgeston

Shot on location in

Czech Republic